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Unipetrol Foundation helps equipping school classrooms. The first twenty computers have been installed in the school in Meziboří

28. 03. 2019
nadaceunipetrol.cz Julie Růžičková

The Unipetrol Foundation handed twenty PCs over to the Meziboří Elementary and Nursery School, as part of their new project called PC Market. The aim of the project is to put to good use refurbished computers that used to be in service of the Unipetrol Group employees. The Unipetrol Foundation plans to distribute around 300 computers among 16 elementary schools.

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Unipetrol Foundation helps equipping school classrooms. The first twenty computers have been installed in the school in Meziboří

The project PC Market lines up with the already existing Chemical Swap Meet, during which we donate to schools used but functional and safe chemical and laboratory equipment often unavailable to schools due to its high cost. For the same reasons, the Unipetrol Foundation decided to launch a PC market with the elementary school in Meziboří becoming its first beneficiary.

“I am very glad that the first computers are going to the elementary school in Meziboří, which I have an affection for. I used to attend it and it was actually thanks to the local chemistry and physics teacher Mr. Rubin that I got interested in chemistry. I especially remember the time when we were preparing for the chemical Olympics and using test tubes to try out various precipitation reactions of inorganic substances. The possibilities of the school were limited, so we did it in an impromptu laboratory. Since then, chemistry has become something tangible and fun for me, so later I graduated from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague,” says Tomáš Herink, a Board member of the Unipetrol Foundation.

“I would like to use this opportunity and thank the Unipetrol Foundation for a meaningful gift in the form of 20 computers, which the Foundation donated to our school as part of their PC Market project,” says Jan Peška, Principal of the Meziboří Elementary and Nursery School. “Part of the computers will replace the existing machines in the computer room, others will be put into classrooms, where they will be used to support interactive whiteboards. We are sure that this gift will benefit the vast majority of pupils and find use in the work of almost all of our educators,” explained the Principal.

All elementary schools, which will participate in the PC Market of the Unipetrol Foundation, are planning to use the computers primarily to supplement IT classrooms for their students. "The Unipetrol Foundation approached about twenty elementary schools in the Most area. In the outcome, we are handing 300 computers over to 16 schools. Such a big interest makes us really happy,” said Julie Růžičková, Unipetrol Foundation Coordinator. “By handing the first computers, including monitors and the operating system, over to the primary school in Meziboří, we launched a new project, in the successful continuation of which we firmly believe. It would be a great pity not to use the potential of computers that can efficiently serve students in their learning process."

About the Unipetrol Foundation

The Unipetrol Foundation started its activity in 2017. During the two years of its scholarship program, scholarships were distributed among 88 high school and university students in the fields of science and technology in the total amount of CZK 3.3 million. The grant program of the Foundation aimed at supporting the educational and scientific activities of high schools has already distributed CZK 2.7 million to twelve high schools across the country. The third area of its activities is dedicated to supporting special scientific projects. The Foundation also spreads awareness of chemistry among elementary school pupils during a series of popular educational programs called the Wonderful Day with Chemistry. For more information on the mission of the Unipetrol Foundation and its individual programs, please visit www.nadaceunipetrol.cz.

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