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Unipetrol focuses on investments. In the second quarter, it increased investment by 137% year on year to CZK 3.9 billion

30. 07. 2020

The Unipetrol Group’s revenue was CZK 15 billion; EBITDA LIFO amounted to CZK 584.7 million; Investments totalled CZK 3.9 billion…

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Scott Morrison talks big about pressure on gas prices but says nothing about flooding markets with coal

05. 02. 2020
The Guardian

It’s amazing that we let simplistic economic nonsense stand for so long  

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Russia awards contract to build BREST reactor

05. 12. 2019
World nuclear news

Siberian Chemical Combine has awarded a RUB26.3 billion (USD412 million) contract to Titan-2 for the construction and…

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Most and Litvínov inhabitants can submit improvement suggestions until end-August

20. 08. 2019

Inhabitants of the Most area still have two weeks to submit their ideas regarding community projects which will be included in…

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Bees at Spolana Neratovice are doing fine and their numbers are increasing; there are five beehives now

24. 07. 2019

Spolana Neratovice continues its activities related to the environmental protection and development. The traditional chemical…

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Unipetrol in the last school year: CZK 8m for students and schools and thousand students took excursion to the plants

17. 07. 2019

Refinery and petrochemical group Unipetrol and its Foundation have closed the school year, too. Together, they provide funding to…

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