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Uprate project under way at Slovak units

18. 08. 2020
World Nuclear News

The generating capacity of units 1 and 2 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant in the Slovak Republic will each be increased from…

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# Efficiency
# Investments

Weatherwatch: Covid-19 lockdown boosts UK solar power

18. 05. 2020

The disappearance of aeroplane contrails and a reduction in air pollution has allowed much stronger sunlight to reach the ground…

# RES Sun
# Technology
# Efficiency
# Emissions

Graphene Solar Thermal Film Could Be a New Way to Harvest Renewable Energy

25. 03. 2020
Spectrum Energy (US)

A novel energy-efficient metamaterial can efficiently absorb sunlight while limiting blackbody heat-loss to almost zero

# RES Sun
# Technology
# Efficiency

Anti-solar cells: A PV cell that works at night

11. 02. 2020
Renewable energy world

What if solar cells worked at night? That’s no joke, according to Jeremy Munday, professor in the Department of Electrical and…

# RES Sun
# Technology
# Efficiency
# Renewables

Follow the patents: toward even more efficient wind power

28. 01. 2020
Renewable energy world

Wind power has been around for well over a thousand years. The Persians first used wind power in the first millennium. Over the…

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